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National Voter Registration Day: Election Warning for Green Card Holders

National Voter Registration Day signals the approach of midterm elections. In TV ads and the earnest voices of clipboard-holding volunteers on street corners, we are constantly being urged to register to vote and are bombarded with messages about how critical it is to exercise one of the most fundamental and sacred duties of being an American citizen. Indeed, the consequences of this election are enormous – in today’s climate, one seat can change the political landscape. 

But if you are not an American citizen, if you are a lawful permanent resident, green card holder, or temporary visa holder, the consequences of voting - and just registering to vote – loom even larger. Doing so can get you deported - even if you have been here for decades, even if you have done everything right and have followed the law and met your obligations in every way, even if you registered to vote unknowingly and never cast a vote.

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