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Potential New E-3 Visa for Irish Citizens

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Potential New Irish E-3 Visa

The E-3 visa option currently gives 10,500 professional visas per year to Australian citizens. Typically, Australians only ever use about 5,000 of these E-3 visas per year. There is currently a bill before the Senate that would allow Irish citizens to avail of these surplus E-3 visas. A vote is expected any day now and unanimous approval is required. As of writing this (12/12/2018), there was only one Senate hold remaining.

For Australians to qualify for the E3 visa, they must:

  • have a U.S. employer sponsor

  • show that the position is a “specialty occupation” meaning that it normally requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in specific field

  • show that they have that specific Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent of it in work experience (12 years of work experience)

  • demonstrate that their stay in the States will be temporary

In addition to the above requirements, it’s important to note that E-3 spouses can get an independent work permit.

The bill is a great demonstration of bipartisan cooperation and it was co-sponsored by Democrat Richard Neal and Republican Jim Sensenbrenner, with support from US-based Irish groups in addition to Irish politicians.

Our Managing Attorney, Fiona McEntee and Chicago-based Irish Senator Billy Lawless have been long-time advocates and supporters of the potential E-3 visa for Irish citizens.

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