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McEntee Law Group is passionate about immigration advocacy. That passion is matched by our love for sports & entertainment. We help athletes, musicians, entertainers, artists, designers & stylists bring their talent to the US. Learn more about our practice, read success stories, & contact us!

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Play at the top of your game 

At McEntee Law Group, we are passionate advocates for immigrants. That passion is matched by our love for sports, music, fashion, and the arts.

Whether you are an athlete, musician, entertainer, comedian, artist, fashion designer, hairdresser, or stylist we can help you bring your extraordinary talent to the United States. If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch with us through our contact form for more information.

Visa Options for Athletes

P-1A: Internationally Recognized Athletes

This visa allows individual athletes and teams to temporarily come to the U.S. to compete. To qualify, the athlete or team must show that they are highly skilled and internationally recognized in a way that sets them apart from others. In order for the competition to qualify, the event must be distinguished and require the participation of internationally recognized teams. Our attorneys have successfully represented major league athletes and would be glad to help you or your team with your application.

Visa Options for Artists, Musicians & Entertainers

P-1B: Internationally Recognized Entertainment Groups

The P-1B visa allows entertainment groups, from rock bands to dance troupes, to come to the U.S. temporarily to perform, tour, and record. Whether the work is paid or unpaid, performers will need a visa to do any kind of work in the U.S. The group must show that they are highly skilled and internationally recognized in a way that sets them apart from other groups. This visa also allows support crew members to join the performers in the U.S., but that is a separate application. McEntee Law Group has obtained visas for top international acts and can guide groups and their management through the visa application process. 

O-1B: Individuals with Extraordinary Ability in the Arts

This visa is intended for foreign nationals who have made extraordinary achievements in and contributions to their field. To qualify, O-1B applicants must show that they have a high level of achievement, skill, and recognition well above others in their field. O-1B applicants, from solo musicians to fine artists, must show that they are coming to the U.S. to continue to work in their field. O-1B visas require the applicant to provide substantial evidence of their extraordinary ability, but our team regularly files O-1B applications for artists of all kinds. McEntee Law Group is happy to guide employers and employees through this process.

Visa Options for Culturally Unique Entertainers

P-3: Culturally Unique Entertainers & Groups

The P-3 visa is for individuals and groups who want to temporarily come to the U.S. to share their culturally unique art form. On a P-3 visa, performers can perform at cultural events, teach classes, and give presentations. From Irish dancers to Mariachi bands, our team can help qualified individuals and groups enrich the U.S. and advance their careers on a P-3 visa.

Green Card Options for Extraordinary Athletes, Artists, Musicians & Entertainers

Athletes, artists, musicians, and other performers at the top of their game may qualify for employment-based green cards. Like the O-1B visa, they can apply based on extraordinary ability. There is also a green card option with those with exceptional ability. The best green card for you depends on the evidence you can provide. Our team at McEntee Law Group is very familiar with the employment-based green card application process, and we regularly work with athletes and creative professionals. We are happy to chat with you to discuss your options.