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Fiona McEntee attends the event '1ST IRISH 2019: SNÁITHE, THE STORY OF IRISH FASHION' presented by Wearing Irish in New York City


Last year, our Managing Attorney, Fiona McEntee, discussed the O-1 Extraordinary Visa & what the immigration process would look when expanding to the States with Catie Riordan (Enterprise Ireland), Howard Kreitzman (former VP at Bloomingdales) and Tony Dunne (Bank of Ireland) who moderated at this Wearing Irish Event. 

This week, we are excited to attend the event '1ST IRISH 2019: SNÁITHE, THE STORY OF IRISH FASHION' presented by Wearing Irish in New York City. ✨

The acclaimed 2018 documentary, created and directed by Ciara Nic Chormaic, traces the story of Irish fashion through the eyes of contemporary designers and historians. What inspires today’s designers? What has shaped their vision? Do the Irish even have a fashion identity? Fusing the documentary with perspectives from a live panel, a rich and transformative story of creativity will be revealed.

#WearingIrish tells the untold story of Irish fashion brands and the makers behind them. The platform provides Irish designers access and exposure to shoppers and influencers across the world.


Don O’Neill, Creative Director, THEIA
Erica Fox, Blogger, Retro Flame
Rosy Temple, Fifth generation member of family business, Magee 1866
Jacqueline Quinn, Senior Design Director, Dress, Betsy Johnson
Faye Dinsmore, Former international model, lover of knitted jumpers/sweaters

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