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McEntee Law Group understands immigration law's constant change is confusing. We stay on top of new developments & are often interviewed & quoted by major news outlets such as MSNBC, CBS, BBC Radio, RTE & local news. Check our media appearances & get our thoughts on the latest in immigration news.

Fiona McEntee will speak at the INUSA Speaker Series National Conference Call on February 13, 2019


Please join us at 6:30 pm EST on February 13th for an exclusive live #immigration workshop with #INUSA and our #ManagingAttorney Fiona McEntee.

Fiona will outline what is involved in the upcoming H-1B cap visa process including very important deadlines/timing, suitable positions, prevailing wage issues, and recent changes to this process. She will also give an overview of where we stand with the Irish E-3 visa. Additionally, Fiona will discuss some alternative options including the O-1 extraordinary visa, green card options, and more! 

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Fiona McEntee